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  • IEL PhD

    The 3-year IEL Ph.D. programme in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law, promoted by the founding members of CLEI, was activated in 2004/2005 (XX ciclo di dottorato), with the aim of fostering research in Comparative Law and Economics. IEL Ph.D. is from 2007 a Degree programme of the Doctoral School of Law of Università di Torino and is intended for students with interests in Comparative Analysis of Law and Economics, Economics of Law, Economics of Institutions. The programme has a strong international connotation and promotes scholarly exchanges between Universities. Each year IEL offers a number of posts with 3-year scholarship, which normally correspond to half of the total posts available.

    The procedure for admission is managed by the Ufficio Dottorati of Università di Torino, while the programme is based at Collegio Carlo Alberto which provides the logistic and secretarial services.

    Nowadays the IEL Doctoral Board is expanding further with the aim of enlarging the network of partner Universities and provide incentives for students' mobility on the second and third year of research.

    • The first year of the programme consists of 10-20 hrs classes, tutorials and seminars.
    • The second and third year are devoted to mobility and research.
    • With ad hoc deliberations, the Doctoral Board may grant a fourth year to students wishing to complete their dissertation.