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  • Master IEL

    The 1-year mIEL is a one year (3 terms from February to July) full-time immersion in law and economics and institutional analysis at Collegio Carlo Alberto, in Turin. The programme  overlapping the first year of the IEL PhD is organized to provide students a mutlidisciplinary background in law and economics and institutional analysis for approaching a broad array of  both practical and theoretical issues within different professional domains.

    The mIEL curriculum is open to students having already an academic education in different disciplines including law, economics, business, finance, poltical sciences and many others

    The programme is embedded within the other IEL and Carlo Alberto activities and permits students to attend the other scientific and cultural events happening at the same time.

    For those interested in obtaining a 2-yeardegrees within the European arrengements for graduated studies such as Laurea Magistrale, Master2 and the like,  an additional year  ill be available from a number of European partner institutions implying to pass a very limited number of additional courses plus a master thesis drafting.

    For further details please write iel@carloalberto.org